Friends Don't Let Friends Eat Farmed Salmon!


If you knew something was really bad for someone, would you let them know?

If you knew that a friend was unknowingly consuming a product full of cancer causing agents, a product that kills other species and could cause diseases as serious as mad cow disease, would you let them eat it?

Farmed salmon is just such a product. Raised through measures that are entirely unnatural, farmed salmon is harmful to wild salmon, the oceans, and to human health. Studies have shown farmed salmon to be the most PCB contaminated protein source in the food supply.


Even worse than the effects farmed salmon can have on human health (humans can at least choose to avoid farmed salmon) are the effects they are having on wild salmon who cannot escape the diseases, parasites and toxic waste salmon farms spread into the marine environment.

In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Daniel Pauly, professor of fisheries at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, said  "They're like floating pig farms.They consume a tremendous amount of highly concentrated protein pellets and they make a terrific mess. "

Among the many other problems with salmon farming there are diseases such as infectious salmon anemia (ISA), heart & skeletal muscle inflamation (HSMI) and salmon leukemia virus (SLV) spreading to wild salmon. All three viruses have been found in BC farmed salmon and all pose a lethal threat to wild salmon.

Be a good friend to wild salmon and don't let your friends eat farmed salmon!


Get those damn things labeled!

Many retailers do not properly label farmed salmon, leaving unsuspecting consumers to buy "fresh Atlantic salmon" without knowing they are the about to buy controversial farmed salmon which carry various viruses, parasites and toxins.

This can be changed!It IS posiible for consumers to make a diffference! Responsibly labeled salmon will indicate that it is farmed:

properly labeled salmon

Every time you go to a grocery store, make a point of going to the sea food section to see how the salmon are labeled. If not labeled farmed (remember, if it doesn't say wild it's farmed!):

1) Ask the seafood person who to speak to about the salmon not being properly labeled.

2) Explain the following to whomever is there:

- consumers have a right to know that they are purchasing a product that is controversial.

- it is deceptive to the public to not have farmed salmon labeled as "farmed".

- CTV news reported on consumers buying farmed salmon that was infested with Kudoa parasite.

- no one wants their friends and family to consume something without knowing that it comes from a farm that may have a viral or parasitic outbreak.

- the only responsible thing to do is to properly label farmed salmon as "farmed".

- if wild salmon is labeled "wild" farmed salmon should be labeled "farmed".

Ask to leave a note (borrow pen and paper from the employee) for the manager of the seafood deptartment with your name and number on it and let them know that you will keep coming back to inquire about proper labeling as it is a very serious breach of consumer rights.

Read an example of how this has already made a difference here.

Take it a Step Further!

There are many retailers out there who have seen the light and stopped selling farmed salmon. 

and many who are still in the dark about the terrible impacts salmon farms are having on wild salmon. 

In the US, Target pulled all farmed salmon off it's shelves with the recognition that the environmental damage caused by salmon farming is not worth the sales.


Save on Foods in Canada is moving to closed containment only farmed salmon, but Costco, Safeway,  Superstore (Loblaws), T&T Supermarket are some of the large chains that still sell farmed salmon. 

Farmed salmon from T&T Supermarket, Superstore and other markets are testing positive for European strain viruses (salmon flu virus, salmon Alpavirus and the salmon heart virus) which are known to originate in salmon farms globally and spread quickly through wild salmon stocks if passed from farmed to wild salmon. 

It is unethical to sell a product which spreads viruses to wild salmon and carries viruses that have unknown health effects on humans that consume them!

If enough people routinely tell the managers of the seafood department that selling farmed salmon is unethical and contributing to the decline of wild salmon, environmental degradation and risks to human health, eventually the message will make it's way to the CEO's of the markets and they will have to take the implications seriously. 

Remember : rule #1 in marketing is that it's customer demands that keeps business going!

An unfortunate example of consumer power:

andronicos selling farmed salmon

Be part of the solution and join thousands of others in signing the petition telling supermarkets to stop selling unethical diseased farmed salmon. 


Tell all of your friends to tell of all their friends and their friends' friends: "Don't eat (or buy) farmed salmon!"

Tell your supermarket seafood managers how sad it is that they are selling a product that is killing the iconic wild salmon of B.C.

Spread this message before the spread of salmon farm viruses wipe out wild salmon!

you might as well eat the packaging


Dining Out? Go Wild or Go Home!

Restaurants have a choice as to what they serve customers, but it will take customers making it clear that serving farm salmon is unethical and unhealthy to stop farmed salmon from being served. 

Suggestions for dining out:

1) Ask if they serve wild or farmed salmon. If they say farmed or "fresh Atlantic" WALK OUT!!! But before you do be sure to let them know why you will not dine there. 

2) Call around to different restaurants that serve farmed salmon and say you are looking to book a reservation for a large party but won't book where farmed salmon is served. Do that regularly so that they understand that they lose business for serving farmed salmon!

*** Rule of thumb: If it does not say "Wild" it is farmed! ***


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